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Smart Plug



One siri control one plug
Custom setting Plug
User Setting
Mode Operation Setting
Compatible with all HomeKit
Standard Device

Smart Plug

Control household electric devices via Wifi

  • Sience & technology              energy saving

    Protect the environment and           Saving energy, Homekit technology lifestyle

  • Protecting while Charging

    Cut electronicty automaticly when    full of charging

  • Postpone timer

    Set the timer and you can set a      time delay in a while

  • Remote control

    One button configuration on smartphone, remote control easily

  • Wifi

    Wireless transmission technology, plug and play

  • Convenient to inquire

    You can inquire the status of the     smart plug anytime anywhere

One button configuration on smartphone, remote control easily

Siri control one device, timer and snooze function

  • Siri Control

    Using Siri to control one smart plug

  • Smart love and concern

    Concerned about household status anywhere anytime

  • 24/7 records

    24/7 inquire the status of the smart plug

  • HomeKit

    Softhearted caress your household status

Choose the color you like.

you can choose a variety of colors to meet your personality

  • Black
  • White